Beautiful responsive website themes from Shopify

Beautiful responsive website themes from Shopify

It has become imperative to pay extra attention to ensuring that your store has an e-Commerce theme that is mobile optimized.

This is because shopping trends indicate that 50% of all e-Commerce traffic is coming from mobile phones. As such, it is essential for one to position their store in a manner that can make it benefit from this trend. You can achieve this by updating or changing your e-Commerce template or theme to one that is mobile responsive.

That is where Shopify comes in. With Shopify, you will be spoilt for choice. It has over 55 store themes which come in more than 140 styles that you can select.

We provide you with 5of the best and most beautiful, free and paid mobile responsive templates from the platform.

1. Alchemy

This responsive theme is simply gorgeous and comes loaded with out of the box feature invaluable to maximizing the potential of your products.


  • Retina-ready graphics
  • Parallax header
  • Row ordering
  • Fully responsiveness

Alchemy’s e-Commerce responsive theme has been developed with the sole intention of inviting and engaging customers. It will essentially breathe new life into your online store.

2. Parallax

Parallax offers remarkable feature flexibility and control in addition to an eye catching long-format home page.


  • Multiple backgrounds
  • Multiple parallax scrolling sections
  • Options to purchase products from home page
  • Fully responsiveness

The use of multiple color backgrounds which seem to move at different speeds gives your store a unique impression of depth. This makes products seem more attractive and retains a customer’s interest for longer.

3. Brooklyn

This responsive theme allows one to easily adjust the look of products so that they appear attractive on all screen sizes. It also allows you to change colors, fonts, and images very easily.


  • Multiple engaging backgrounds
  • Parallax scrolling sections
  • Fully responsiveness

To check the effect of the template, try resizing your browser, using a tablet or your mobile phone to view the demo shops.  The result is astoundingly beautiful.

4. Solo

Irrespective of the industry you are in, or what wares you might be selling, the Solo theme is designed to make your store look great.


  • The option to rearrange colors
  • The ability to show case a single product front and center
  • Responsive design

The intuitiveness of the template keeps your customers browsing for longer as everything is eye catching.

5. Icon

Icon is an enabling theme that empowers Shopify store owners to be able to create a unique and compelling shopping experience with ease.


  • Sticky header
  • Sticky side bar
  • Parallax scrolling image

Icon has a full array options that make the browsing experiences fulfilling

Above are just but a few of some of Shopify’s excellent mobile responsive themes. Indeed, they are a valuable acquisition for the store owner who wants to benefit from the mobile traffic.




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