5 Modern Elements or Trends of E-commerce Templates

5 Modern Elements or Trends of E-commerce Templates

Due to the cutthroat competition in the template design marketplace, template developers are burning the midnight oil to innovate trendy and element-rich templates to bite the biggest chunk of the market. Although it’s not necessary to incorporate all trendy elements of a template that pop up, the majority of the elements can enhance your overall website performance and increase your bottom-line. Below is a detailed look at 5 modern elements or trends of e-commerce templates.

  1. Incorporating background videos to e-commerce templates

Modern developers are increasingly incorporating automatically playing background videos to e-commerce websites. Automatically playing videos have the potential to supercharge a website page. Visual-based content (video) can narrate a story in the shortest time while alleviating the need for text-based content that takes up much space when looking to express your business functions adequately. Because the modern day shoppers have poor reading habits, background videos can explain more about your company without them having to read a single text.

  1. Modern e-commerce templates come with semi-flat design

In the recent few years, three-dimensional designs (mimicking shadows) ruled the web design world. Today, flat designs are becoming commonplace. Flat designs are easier to understand and enable website pages to load much faster than three-dimensional designs. Many organizations have shifted to flat design templates to enhance their customers’ experiences and supercharge sales.

  1. Today’s e-commerce templates include huge product images

The modern day customers are savvy enough. They want to see different parts and features of products before they buy. E-commerce website template developers have responded in kind by including the capability to display huge product images on web pages. Huge images tend to show parts and features of products clearly, and most e-commerce website owners are choosing these kinds of templates.

  1. Trendy E-commerce templates feature Hamburger Menus

If you walk through most websites today, you’ll find that they feature a long menu of options. While this trend alleviates the hassle by allowing site visitors to head straight to what they are looking for, it takes up significant screen space. Hamburger Menus reduces this problem. Hamburger Menus offer a cleaner design and gets rid of busy navigations, eliminating possibilities of distractions to customers.

  1. E-commerce templates are increasingly incorporating short feature or product description videos

On top of the automatically playing background videos, modern e-commerce templates come with short feature videos of product descriptions. These videos show customers how to use specific products to inject life to your solution. This technique not only enhances a customer’s experience but also increases the possibilities of them buying the product.

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