5 Disadvantages to Using Website Templates

5 Disadvantages to Using Website Templates

Website templates are rapidly gaining popularity due to their cost-effective nature and the fact that it only takes a few hours to implement. However, with all the benefits that come along with website templates, they have their downsides too. This article points out the disadvantages to using templates to build your website:

  1. Website templates are open to all

Competition is stiff in this day and age, so every business owner wants their site to be unique to stay in business. Templates tend to reduce this possibility. The most popular templates online have been downloaded multiple times, and there is a possibility that your site could look exactly like the competition. Expert designers can tweak and finesse a template by using graphics and customization. However, the design will remain the same.

  1. Websites templates are susceptive to hackers.

Hackers that enjoy writing malicious codes prefer templates as they consider them as softer targets. They know that they can hack numerous templates at a go. Website developers utilize plug-ins to customize websites in a bid to enhance their security. However, if the website developer does not know the ins and outs of website template security, they may only compound the issue. If you buy a website template that doesn’t update itself on a regular basis, your website will be at risk of becoming susceptible to hackers.

  1. Website templates offer limited functionalities

Although website templates come with a broad range of features, some have limitations. For example, some templates may come without mobile capabilities, which can negatively impact your business, considering that more people today search products and services online using their mobile devices.

  1. Website templates limits your navigation and graphic design capabilities

Premium templates typically offer a high degree of customization. However, your navigation and graphic design are restricted to the functionalities of the website template. You can be limited on the choice of icons, the degree of customization or other critical functionalities.

  1. You might buy website templates that are not well designed and maintained.

In the digital age, most website templates come with responsive and mobile-friendly designs. On top of that, they offer regular updates to ensure site security is up to the mark. However, some template providers or developers do not offer security updates to maintain security. If your template for websites is not updated on a regular basis, it might break down when you decide to install an update and hackers will have free reign on your website. This is why before purchasing any template, make a point to check the history and review of both developer and template to just be on the safe side.

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