Reasons Why You Need Customized E-commerce Website Themes Over the Readymade

If uniqueness is your preference, then a customized E-commerce theme is the best option. In achieving your uniqueness goal, you have to develop your theme from scratch. If you are a coding expert or you have access to one, then you are ready to go. The theme development process means that you need to come up with a framework of how you would like your site to look.
Even though it may be a tedious and tiresome affair, here are the five reasons why you need a customized theme for your e-commerce website:

a. Your theme is unique

The ready-made themes are available for everyone. Any webpreneur seeking to set up an online store or an e-commerce business can use a website template/theme similar to yours. As such, even if you tweak and customize your site, a significant part of it will be similar with those of your competitors.

With customized themes, you can achieve the uniqueness goal as no one has ever used or tested it beside you. As such, your e-commerce site will develop a unique identity in the virtual space which can work for your benefit.

b. Full customization

With the ready-made themes, you are limited to the number of customization you can have on your site. Hence, even if you would like to add or remove a given feature, it may not be possible due to these limitations. In comparison, when developing your theme from scratch, you can customize it depending on your needs and preferences.

Also, your online store will attract more customers due to originality and uniqueness as it will have features and layout that does not match with any other site which is a standard case in ready-made themes.

c. Full control of your site

A customized theme hands over to you total control over your e-commerce website. With it, you can decide on how to lay out your products and content, the features to use on your sites such as videos and slideshows, as well as decide on ways to impress your prospective customers. These virtues may not be available on the ready-made themes. Importantly, you take a decision on the coding structure of your theme which is not possible in ready-made options.

d. SEO-friendly

Even though ready-made themes may be SEO-friendly, a customized one has a leg up. A customized theme has a unique coding structure that Google may fall in love with and rank your site on the first page a preference you could have missed in a ready-made one. As such, the customized themes increase your traffic and in turn lead to high sales.

Also, you can customize your site based on the market niche you are targeting to serve through including keywords on the theme framework. These aspects make your site more SEO-friendly compared with the ready-made themes.

e. Brand Fitting capabilities

Readymade themes are made for a given industry and not for a particular business. When looking at the website theme to use for your business, you are either limited to the industry such as clothing and real estate or niches such as jewelry and fashion. In this regard, you can only choose a theme fitting with your business and try to customize it to fit your brands.

Choosing a customized theme allows you to design a unique website template that fits well with your business needs. As such, your online store stands out among the competitors-an upper hand in earning more returns.


Customized themes are a better option when it comes to selecting an e-commerce website template. The option helps you to optimize your site for search engines, create uniqueness, as well as have full control and customization of your website design and appearance. However, if you do not have the budget for a full customized website theme, you can checkout a more affordable option with Shopify Themes.

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